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LanceR 28.01.2013 18:34

[11/27/2012] New [4]
[11/27/2012] New [4]

Sometimes additional prizes from Lucky Item, and can swallow a bucket of enamel (Enamel tank) of a 11th century treasure, suited for the moment with a different color balance from 2 to 30 units. The maximum capacity of 30 units of buckets of paint. This paint can be painted fences. But it can only make the owner of the fence and / m area home. The owner of the fence(wall) - a character who lochil fence installation. You can only paint the unpainted fence. If for any reason you want to remove the paint from the fence, then it can be done with the oil from the Oil flask. To wash ink from one section consumes 5 units of oil. Can also wash away a character - the owner of the fence. Cans of oil returned to clade with a small chance occurrence.

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