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LanceR 19.02.2013 18:40

[18/02/2013] New features
[18/02/2013] New features: arrowheads arrows and crossbow bolts

Introduced arrowheads arrows and crossbow bolts that with a successful hit on the NPS objectives give extra damage, the cost one tip. Tips are available standard type (Bronze Tip) and enhanced activity (Strong Tip). In order to get the bonus damage by firing tips you need to bind to the weapon, for which: tips to put in the required type of pack and double click on it, provided that if the bow or crossbow is in hand, you will see a corresponding message, and bow or crossbow succeed in the hands of shade. When removing a bow or crossbow, and at the end of the stock tips in the pack, bind to the tip canceled. Make tips Bronze tip can characters with skills BOWCRAFT from 75.0 to 75.0 and TINKERING of 10 Logs, 15 red wood logs, 10 Pumice reagents, 25 bronze ingots, one magic ingot. Made party of 50 tips. And to make 50 Strong tip required a character with GM skills and BOWCRAFT TINKERING has 12 Logs, 15 elven logs, 20 Serpent's Scales reagents, 15 agapite ingots, three magic ingot.

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