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[01/14/2013] Changes in "animal feeding"
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на правильном пути, пока что (от 5 до 15)
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По умолчанию [01/14/2013] Changes in "animal feeding"

[01/14/2013] Changes in "animal feeding"

Fixed as follows principles feeding animals: horses (mustangs), llamas, sheep can no longer eat meat. No animals can not eat fried pigs and cows.
Skeletal cows (Skeletal Mount) feed only reagents Bones (bones) and a special meal. Basic food for animals - Special food, which can produce cook muffins out of 5, 50 Fish steaks. This allows the food to feed the animal is about two times higher than the maximum satiety, respectively animal much longer it will not stay hungry.
It can be used as before, pointing to the target animal that need to feed or leaving an animal. In the second case, the animal receives a little more fullness. For example a horse Horse (Mustangs Mustang) are saturated up to 100 units (maximum satiety 55), Llama Llama saturated up to 85 units (max. 30), Sheep Sheep are saturated to 45 (max 20), reptiles (Ornan Orn, zostry Zostrich , okloki Oclock) to 135 (max. 55), bears Bear to 80 (up to 35), Ridge Ridgeback, beetles Beetle, Kirin Kiryn to 95. Skeletal cows (Skeletal Mount) saturated special meal to 100 units, with a maximum 55 units, and each Bones reagent (bone) imbues them for 10 units to the maximum.
Now feed the animals fried meat and fish steaks can be cooked to maximum fullness leaving a pile of food for this animal. The animal will eat the required number, and the number above the high satiety back to you in the pack. In feeding other types of food were no changes.
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