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[05/02/2013] Change
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на правильном пути, пока что (от 5 до 15)
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По умолчанию [05/02/2013] Change

[05/02/2013] Change

Magic Item identification device allows you to remove the open treasure map, Locked in folder, if a player refuses a search for buried treasure in the location shown on the map. Moreover, if the trunk is not displayed, map and bush removed immediately, and if the trunk and (or) to protect the treasure came a reduction in the time and all leave for 20 seconds. The new coordinates for which there may not contain treasures appearance areas, access to which can not be a player (with the exception of players subsequently erected buildings, the appearance of which must be reported, indicating the exact position of the appearance of the trunk or bush), but occasionally may fail to determine the origin, so such cases are now considered to game time (fizlom, tricked the compiler maps, etc.) and are not eligible for compensation from the administration.

In Level 6 treasure bug's in loss colorless paint. Now in these treasures with a 50% chance to paint 5 lvl 6 use, with the same probability of getting caught can paint colors endless runes on 2 use. In addition to this low probability can fall colors 6 lvl not previously available colors on the 2nd application.
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