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[05/12/2012] Change [5]
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на правильном пути, пока что (от 5 до 15)
LanceR на правильном пути, пока что (от 5 до 15)
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По умолчанию [05/12/2012] Change [5]

[05/12/2012] A change map's

Decipher card level 1 character with skill can cartography (Cartography) not less than 55.0, the card requires two levels of skill of at least 70.0, Card Skill level 3 requires at least 80.0, Card Skill level 4 requires at least 100.0, card level 5 Skill is required not less than 105.0. Simultaneously decode only one card. After decoding the card remains in the pack prilochennoy all the search and access to a treasure and removed from the pack after vanishing trunk or bush. Double-click on the map you can see the remaining time before the location of the treasure. (Time has not changed, if they offer to increase or decrease the time of access to a treasure write them in the appropriate topic form). If the character does not fit in the allotted time excavated chest is removed from the world, if you have already appeared protection, it is also deleted.
After looting the treasure by double clicking on the map prilochennuyu you can speed up the process of removing the trunk of the world and therefore the card from a pack.
Introduced relative number of treasure and their strength depending on the character's level PvM. Changes are made only to the character levels above 8, with up to 15 levels including the added one additional guard, after 15 level two.
For such players in the chest with a 50% chance to appear Treasure Lucky Item, lifting can provide additional loot appropriate PvM character level.
Master keys can open the trunk only if the destruction of the whole.
In testing received new treasure map that Stuckey and coordinates treasure for them is determined randomly. At the end of the test the new cards will appear in the loot, and the old card will be gradually removed from the world. Also begins the test of sea treasures.
Corrections continues ...
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