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[12/11/2012] Change [3] "Rings"
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на правильном пути, пока что (от 5 до 15)
LanceR на правильном пути, пока что (от 5 до 15)
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По умолчанию [12/11/2012] Change [3] "Rings"

[12/11/2012] Changing the properties of rings adds skill

From this point on, all the rings are added skills gained strength.
New ring has a strength of 12 units. With frequent dressing rings strength may decrease.
If the balance of strength reaches zero, then the ring is destroyed. Repair the ring can be installed using the Magic Item identification device.
To repair for 3 units of strength required 1 light rock Ingot. But you can not fix it by more than the maximum strength.
Some skills are introduced new rings 7.5. You can get a ring in exchange for the two rings of the five skills and two light rock Ingots. Exchange is also using Magic Item identification device. To do this, one ring must be in the backpack, and the second should be wearing.
Reduced cost of operations with the rings on this device. From now on, the price is 500gp. (Was 2000gp).
To enhance the implementation of the ring (up to 5) it must have a maximum strength (12/12).
To exchange rings are submitted ​​of any strength.
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