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[12/28/2012] New "maps"
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на правильном пути, пока что (от 5 до 15)
LanceR на правильном пути, пока что (от 5 до 15)
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По умолчанию [12/28/2012] New "maps"

[12/28/2012] New "maps"

In treasures of all levels with different probabilities of occurrence of eggs added oklokov (Oclock Egg). When using eggs (dclick) is the probability of a young reptile with a positive karma, but you have to be prepared that it will have to tame. Also in hoards can already be found the secret treasure map of the 6th level of complexity, but has not yet completed its tests can not be decrypted. New format maps of all levels that Stuckey and can sell avtoprodazhnyh machines. The coordinates of the treasure determined randomly and does not depend on the level of the treasure. The base frame will be added regularly. If the place of occurrence of the treasure will be the structure that prevents lutu, you must tell the coordinates of the location.
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