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Update protection and FW Assists
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По умолчанию Update protection and FW Assists

Today we officially launch the new version of protection. All players need to update security files , without updating the files on the server will be impossible to stop !

WARNING ! Before starting the new files , please read this user agreement.

Install these files and entering the game, you confirm that you have read this agreement and agree with each of the points:
1. The new version is designed for protection order that would restrict the use of prohibited programs , such as stealth , ****** , etc. uoknayf
1.1 You agree to the fact that the program would be tested for the presence of Ultima folder prohibited software
1.2 You agree to scan running programs , to prohibit the use of prohibited software
1.3 You agree to the fact that the defense will be automatically updated .
Download the update files in one archive :
[Только зарегистрированные пользователи могут видеть ссылки. Регистрация!]

Necessary to unpack the archive into your Ultima folder with the replacement. After unpacking , check the files :

- fwsc.dll
- FWAssist.dll
- FWUOupdater.exe
- MacrosFixer.exe
- Client126U.exe
- client.exe

Attention players! New Assist does not support macros from the previous version . In order to use macros , they need to convert :

To do this, run MacrosFixer.exe, which was in the archive. Fail This must be in the same folder as the macro files (. Mcrs). This program will update all the files (. Mcrs). It also creates Fail new_ < character name >. Oldmcrs, is unchanged macros. In the case of an incorrect conversion , write us about it.


-------------------------------------------------- -------------------
Possible errors :

- Neither the customer nor Assists not run. When you start Assists gives a critical error ?
Maybe you do not have the original verdata or other files . Mul. Update patch downloading files from a website or reinstall the game , then put the current update .

- Does not start Client126U.exe, while the client normally opens and sets?
First option:

move your macros (. mcrs) to a temporary folder , if not helped (macros can be brought back ), try step 2 :

download protection without AutoUpdate [Только зарегистрированные пользователи могут видеть ссылки. Регистрация!], put it in a folder and rename Ultima fwsc.dll and be sure to write in this thread about the current problem .

- The program auto-update writes : Error I / O 32 ;
This means you are trying to be updated with the included client. Exit the game , and not check if you're running processes (Ctrl + alt + delete) Client126U.exe or client.exe.

- Game collapses when you enter your login and password . The choice will not let shard ?

PLEASE CHECK YOUR Fail login.cfg!!!!
There should be a line :

LoginServer = game.fwuo.ru, 2593
LoginServer =,2593

initially there should be a " ; "! !

- It was all good, but then the game abruptly closed and is no longer open?
Stop using prohibited programs.

- I went into the game , when running the game hangs .
Be sure to check whether you have the original game client .

Possible questions :
- If I could play the old Assists
yes , no problems should arise

- Does fwasyst + uoasist
Yes , I went underneath and ran quietly .

- Why do we need auto update .
We plan to update every Monday files protection.

Starting today , every Monday from 7 to 9 am will be a technical stop the server for updates and browser protection.
Уважаемые игроки, я не занимаюсь игровыми вопросами! Я занимаюсь ТОЛЬКО скриптами и тестами нового сервера! Просьба в скайп по игровым вопросам не беспокоить!!!


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